Higher Education Transforming Technologies

The most prominent feature of modern day higher education is the use of virtual reality. Both thoeretically and technically, online study material, in the form of e-books, articles etcetera are changing the landscape of education. The teacher physically standing in front of a handful of lucky, selected students in the physical environment of a reputed institution, like a university, is loosing its appeal in an all inclusive globally connected network of innumerable learners, all eager to test their luck in grasping the latest research. The following are the modern technical features of the ‘digital age’, with the potential for changing modern higher education.

Absorbing technologies

Use of social networking sites

Social networking sites are providing interactive environments even with foreign students, supplementing classroom education. Those who can not attend the class are getting complemented by the discussions, tips, commentaries, or finding it a made-easy or even an alternative of classroom education. At par with modern way of educating through online conferences, social networking sites are coming upto the expectation of students with greater autonomy and open forum.

Audio-visual sessions, in education

Classroom presentation with video, makes the content of study much more appealing than only reading books and imagining, where in audio-visual rounds you can practically satisfy your senses and have an actual real idea about a condition of physical world. It is also easy to disseminate across the internet to catch the global audience, with the help of service (platform) providing websites like Youtube.com . For those who can not afford campus education, learning from the digitized video from a distance can be as good as classroom learning.

Wearable gadgets and accessories


Wearables like Google Glasses, which are at the initial stage of development, can be a version of remote sensors making interaction between a distant student and a teacher possible. Giving feeling like real-life experience, it can make things like ‘online convocation’ possible, for example.

3D printers

3D printers can provide artistic reconstruction, producing exact miniature replicas of things to be studied, with the potential of revolutionizing education in unimaginably novel ways.


This popular war technology is getting entry in universities as well, where to capture glimpses of flora and fauna or mapping of different sorts, with a chance of getting used in study, droning technology is getting used increasingly day by day.

Modern technology has the ability to replace real world with a simulated one. It’s only a nick of time, that it transforms education to a different level.

Article source – bit.ly/1G2d7Hk

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