Is Business Education Essential For Economic Development In Nigeria?

How important is business education for your career in Nigeria? Let’s face it, in today’s ever evolving business world, earning a management degree can help you get the best employment opportunities or land the next big promotion. But considering the economic, social and academic challenges in Nigeria, can a business management diploma help to boost your career? Let’s find out…

Economic development & education

It is not breaking news that Nigeria is currently facing several challenges due to inconsistent government, corruption, poverty, terrorism, unemployment and a poor academic system. This is not only affecting the national economy, but also youth of our country. In this scenario, pursuing business education and building a thriving career can seem like a daunting task for most young aspirants. But the fact is our country is striving to move away from being a backward region and emerge as a prominent player in the global economic development sphere.

We as a nation have effectively gained a sense of determination and objective to not only face our social and economic problems, but also to create a better environment for our future leaders. The government and other establishment are now taking steps to not only address social and economic issues, but a lot of measures are being taken to improve education across the region. Education is undoubtedly one of the main pillars for national economic development. In 2006, focusing on the significance of education, Igbuzor said that education is a basic human right and everyone should be able to access educational opportunities solely for the reason of being human.

Education for development

No one can deny that education is crucial for development of every society; thus, it is imperative that educated individuals should be placed in critical positions in the government, business and society for communal and national development. According to a 2008 statement by Osokoya, schools at different levels are expected to instruct and educate our future leaders and help them develop high level technical skills and abilities required for economic progress and development.

However, the fact is that the state of schools and colleges across Nigeria raises serious causes for concern. Although, the government has taken a lot of efforts to improve the scenario, still a lot more needs to be done. As a result of this, most students lag behind and do not posses adequate literacy and numeracy skills. This has created some serious difficulties for learners who want to pursue higher education and earn a college degree or business degree.

Shantaram Hedgekatte, administrator of Ambassador Nnne Furo Kurubo Model Secondary School in Rivers State and CEO of Educomp Solutions Nigeria Limited , said “The state of education all over Nigeria, not just Rivers State, is in shamble. Probably it had better days before, but today, it is really bad. We have conducted entrance examinations twice, we have seen very bright students, but we have also seen that majority of the students are not good enough. I am afraid what will happen to this country if they grow up like this.”

He added “You have a huge population of young people; I guess, 45%of Nigerians are less than 20 years old. And these are going to be future leaders of this nation. Now if these are uneducated, if they cannot read and write and have the benefit of education, what are they going to be? They will be unemployable.”

Need for business education

This only demonstrates that studying business management has now become even more important for Nigerian youths, whether they wish to build a thriving career or start they own business. But with only a handful of recognised B-schools in the country, is it possible for you to receive quality business education without taking out heavy students loans?

As pursuing a full time MBA or a business degree is really difficult due to socio-economic and political reasons in Nigeria, an increasing number of aspiring Nigerian business leaders are now studying online business degree from leading UK universities and B-schools. As UK universities follow the highest academic standards, you will get high quality education and also acquire the necessary business skills. Moreover, studying a recognised programme like an online ATHE diploma in business will help you to save a lot of time and money. You will gain comprehensive knowledge core management concepts and also develop hands-on skills by working a full time or part time job while you study. As online programme offer excellent flexibility and convenience, you will have the opportunity to work and study simultaneously.

What’s more?

An online ATHE level 6 diploma in business management will boost your employability and open avenues to lucrative career opportunities. You will be able to add significant value to your company and drive your career forward.

What do you think? How do plant to earn a business degree? Share your opinions with us by commenting here.

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