How Modern Trends In Online Education Improves The Way Of Learning?

Technology and education – the combination of which is a wonderful aspect of the present day society that not only is the innovative side of technology but also is a new way of education. Education has reached another dimension with the help of technology and the effects are also perceived by us in the rapid rise and increase of education in the technical way.

Education technology
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But molding education technically requires financial resources. The educational organisation, although facing a lot of difficulties because of pressurization, is trying its best to invest in order to digitize itself. According to the CB Insights, the investments of ed-tech has jumped to 55% and is not, still, slowing down. A GIA(Global Industry Analysts) report says that the international e-learning market will reach $107 million in 2015 because of the global demand for e-based learning.

So, what are the trends in the education technology in 2015? What are the latest aspects of it. Come on, let’s have a look:

Online learning: Customize learning

It is a very prominent thing that the mode of online learning supports the style of customized learning in a very effective way. Companies are realizing the effectiveness of such learning as it makes their employee learn in a mind-engaging; satisfying and convenient way which is possible by its mode of customization. Added to it, the mode of customized learning also helps the learner to focus on studying in their personal ways. It increases their pace of learning with providing 24 hours learning support and a vast range of data.

Skill-centered educational services

An advantageous fact of online learning is its focus on the skills of the learners. It focuses on the overall improvement of skills through assessment of their performance and identifying the areas of improvement. This is such an efficient way that all the learners get equally benefited and are also elevated to perfection as that is the goal which this mode of education attempts to reach.

Alternative learning styles

Video Learning

This is another innovative characteristic of the online mode of learning. The students need not be dependent on the traditional book-based or video-based learning. In this way students are tested by various interactive experiences like online challenges or directly writing the codes in the browsers. This is included as a part of their studies.

Competency-based training

In this way, the form of learning gets almost different from the traditional way of learning. Learning is broken down not by the contents or subject-matters but by competencies. It enables the learners to a systematic learning through personalisation; learning outcomes etc. In this way the students are more exposed to various scopes for jobs. The employers responsible for creating the network for the students for getting such opportunities are also given importance.

Michelle R. Weise and Clayton M. Christensen rightly comments that online competency-based training “can cost-effectively combine modules of learning into pathways that are agile and adaptable to the changing labor market.”

Flipped-tech learning

Flipped classroom

This is an interactive system of online learning where students are allowed to learn from video- lectures outside the classrooms. The students can learn contents from these lectures and can complete their homework with the help of the contents. The students also get engaged in both inside and outside the classrooms which provides them great scopes to access a vast range of content. Information Week identifies flipped learning mode as one of the key ed-tech trends in 2015.

The aim of digitalised education is education’s enrichment

We have already understood how technology is benefiting education to fulfill the latter’s goal. But it does not mean that such improvement will chiefly concentrate on the technological improvement and, if it does, then it will surely be an error imposed on education. Education should not be treated that way. So, we have to keep in mind that the usage of technology only aims to enrich and facilitate education and if we take it as way of developing science and technology then this kind of thought of us should immediately be cancelled otherwise we will not obtain better education.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

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