Mobile Technology: Witness The Next Generation Learning

‘Mobile’ – even a toddler can be able pronounce it. The advent of the technological improvement and the availability of it made the modern day people intensely and wishfully be dependent on it. It not only makes life convenient but also makes it encompassed with the applications of science.

Mobile Technology

The Fact That Surprises

In 2015, according to IAMAI and IMRB 165 million Indians use mobile technology and an estimated 400 million Indians will use it by 2017. Indians also spend more than three hours stuck to their smartphones.

Mobile technology is a thing that is being used at a fast growing rate in the countries all over the world. Various human oriented activities and others are done by mobile devices. It can be ban king to insurance; movie ticket booking to online food ordering; buying cars to reading books to watching movies to calling cabs and a lot more like learning.

What The Indians Feel About Mobile Technology

Akshay Taneja, a 38-year old software professional, who wants to appear in his ITIL® Foundation exam. But it becomes challenging for him to appear in the exam because of his work pressure and family responsibilities.

Digital Learning

He put all his efforts together in studying through the e-learning course to improve his education as it is the only way left for him to continue education after completing the enormous and strenuous job.

He chose e-learning tutorials on the IT services and management; flash cards etc. But how did he do it? He did it as he took up his smartphone in hand. Superb learning experience and a personalised educational system was obtained by him through the smartphone. He got effctive ready content and he followed study at his own convenient pace. Thus, it is his smartphone which helped him to gain knowledge even after completing his responsibilities.

He said “We aren’t too far from the day when employees will bring their wearable devices such as smart watches, glasses, bracelets, and so on to the workplace. With wearable devices, learning is only set to get smarter and sleeker.”

The Steps To Improve

The digital-learning or e-learning methodology were introduced in the classroom and now it is more reachable in a healthier and customised style in the palm of our hands as online learning or mobile learning technology.


It is not education through a smartphone but it is the systematic yet interesting flavour of the unconventional education offered conveniently through the mobile technology.

Amazingly, it became so popular that the mobile-learning services have gained $5.3 billion with a CAGR at 18.2% and the income is estimated to reach $12.2 billion by 2017.

What Does It Prove?

It proves that India will be almost close to China and will be following the US in mobile-learning as it will be spreading in the country with its full speed in the coming future.

How India’s Journey Started?

India’s journey in the path of mobile learning started with the Aakash Tablet project. The project, in spite of being unsuccessful, has inaugurated the beginning of mobile learning in India. It made various cost-effective mobile devices to be launched into the country providing the concept of the world through the internet in a cost-effective way.

The Result That Is Awaiting For The Indians

Online Education

The Employers are no longer dependent on only the theoretical education from theiremployees.They require skills of the employees in mobile devices and its applications. Various activities like banking; gaming and others in the ‘mobile’ way must be known by the employees. Even the Gen Y organisations, who inaugurated of “Bring Your Own Device” Policy or BYOD, are also willing to warmly accept it as a modern way. Even others are willing to spread education through via technology.

E-learning systems

The elearning systems have to be helpful for the professionals so that technology becomes more convenient and flexible to them. The learning methodology must be easily accessible and inclined to education. A customised access to learning is another important aspect of it.

The next generation learning

The next generation learning has begun in the present time with the unstoppable force of science. These are to be implemented to get a better result. It should be kept in mind that an opportunity proves its value in its application.

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