The 3 Education Experts’ Opinions About College Fees And Student Loans

The significant rise of the cost for education is hindering it. Many of the students with little financial capability are facing the problem to a large extent. It not only acts as an impediment to education but also becomes responsible for the huge rise in the expenditure which is becoming one of the main reasons for the worrying of their parents. Reducing cost can be possible through online education and many other strategies. Let’s look at what the 3 experts of education have to say about this:

online education

1. Anya Kamenetz, NPR’s lead education blogger and author of DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education and The Test

Improvement Of College Pricing

It is the decision of the federal government to have a profitable quality from the colleges through rapid employment for the for-profit institutions and the career colleges. The government suggests that the colleges where the exceeding number of the graduates cannot repay their student loans should be forced out from the federal student aid program. In this way the competition will still be there without forcing the colleges to announce a fixed price or without crippling there bargain.

College Payment

The student loans perform a major role in the tuition fees of the colleges. Its availability is the reason of the unequal varying of the tuition fees of the colleges. In order to make the tuition fees moderate, loans are needed to be cancelled often as the bankruptcy in the loans drives the lenders towards being more careful. The students should also be careful about the high amount of money demanded by the institutions.

Cost Effective Education

Cost Of Education

Ways are there though for the students to get cost-effective education as well as the privileges of it. Both of these are offered by private education as it increases the number of the various features of a traditional degree program. The convenient part for students is that it is offered through the virtual medium.

For example, Southern New Hampshire University and the College for America have introduced online education, the features of which is cost-effective and skill-based education. Employees are even provided the advantage of being enrolled through their employers. Some students suffer a large amount of expenditure when they transfer and online education assists them in reducing the amount to an affordable standard irrespective of their transfer.

2. Anthony P. Carnevale, director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce

Look Before You Leap

Possessing knowledge on taking loans and its outcomes are vital for the students. Although it becomes the government’s task to ensure that a student must not be troubled with paying the student loans, the student himself/ herself have to investigate on it thoroughly even before beginning to think about it.

Apply Technology And Get Something Better

Higher Education

Higher education should be of less cost as the number of the seekers of higher education are exceeding in America. The question is how to deliver cost-effective but a healthy education to them?

The answer is that it can be done through technology as many of its instances proved to provide help to the students when they had needed it the most. Each and every student can access quality education as well as the guidance of the most efficient faculty, no matter where they are, with the help of science.

Who’s Benefited?

What about the students who are prepared less or who does not have the financial capability to go into the traditional colleges? Will they get quality education within the limited economy of them? Online education again says a ‘yes’ to them as it trains them to heighten their capacity of learning and makes them prepared.

3. Lauren Asher, President of the Institute for College Access and Success

The Condition Of The Recent System


It is a wrong notion that the students with limited economical capacity are getting access to the traditional education through the student grants. The cost shifted largely to high amounts and the students going to traditional colleges are actually left with no options but to pay the already risen loans at a large rate.

Improve Pricing

Pricing can be improved if the colleges do not declare the rate of the debts. Even they cannot provide students the financial aid award letters which is responsible to represent the full cost of attendance.

Easy Payment For The Students

Safe Payment

The consumers taking private loans will be more insecure than the consumers taking federal loans as the latter provides the opportunity of repayment. It effectively reduces the matter of debt. The students’ benefit from the federal loan will be the most if it can be mandated before taking private loan; can ensure the students’ enrolment and can confirm the total amount being covered and the institutions’ information of any untapped eligibility of the aid.

Search To Save

It becomes evident that the cost-effectiveness is not possible without the correct implementation of the strategies discussed above. The students need to find out the matter of student loans by investigating as well as doing the same for the tuition fees of the institutions. The online education also presents them a healthy mode of education that they need it the most now. Education can be got in a less cost if the students not only want so but also look for it.

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