Education Enrollment Beneficial For Nigerian Economy

The quest for higher education among the Nigerian students is thriving. Student’s in large number are opting for higher studies and research are flying to U.S. Also the lack of scope for and research facility is pushing students to search for better alternative at abroad. The experts, however, forecast that future of Nigeria’s economy has good prospect. They believe that these students hold key to future Nigerian economy.

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Nigerians Tops in U.S Higher Education Enrollment

U.S international higher education enrollment figure shows that Nigerian tops at Sub-Saharan Africa. It holds eighteenth position in the world.

The U.S mission in Nigeria organized the 16th Annual College and Career fair in ABUJA. It was organized to boost the number of Nigerian students studying in America.

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Speaking in the fair, the U.S Education Advisory Supervisor, Folashade Adebayo said for the 2015/2016 Academic year, the Education USA members received financial aids of over four million U.S dollars as scholarships for Nigerian students. Adbayo added that, “Nigeria is declared 1st in Sub Saharan Africa and 18th in the World for International U.S higher education enrollment following Nigeria enrollment rate is Kenya with about 5000 margin”.

She said, “According to Institute of International Education’s Open door, Nigeria Student’s enrollment in the U.S has increased with more than 25 percent in the past 5 years. She said that U.S Embassy College fair has contributed hugely to the increase of Nigeria students studying in United States. She said that currently in America eight thousand students are perusing higher education.

Prospect For Nigerian Economy

Addressing the Career fair, Bob Kerr, the U.S Cultural Affairs Officer said, “Studying in the higher institutions in the United States provides International advantage to Nigerians. He emphasized on Nigerian Students in the U.S will be provided opportunities to give back practical knowledge to the development of Nigeria’s economy and Africa Continent as a whole.”

U.S Education Advisory Supervisor also believes that increasing enrollment figure is gainful to the future of Nigeria and its economy.

Nigerians Prefer America

The Education USA officer identified limited access and the challenge of research system in Nigeria as major reasons why some Nigerians prefer to study in the U.S. Folashade Adebayo said “in the 2015/2016 academic year, Education USA members received over 4 million Dollars in financial aid and scholarship for Nigerian students”.

Possibilities Via Education Fair

Folashade stated that the college fair provides opportunities to bet current information on studying in the States.

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“The College fair has direct contributions to the increase in the numbers of Nigerian applicants as well s provide information on available financial aids for the less privileged of the society”

Top Five Countries For Nigerian Students

Loaded with improved education facilities, foreign nations attract students. Like others Nigerians too have realized the value of perusing higher studies abroad. The top five countries where Nigerians are studying are:

  • England
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany

The Goal

Nigerians have understood the essence of education. Countries like United States Of America offers tremendous scope to gain knowledge equipped with growth bound education system. Studying abroad provides ambit for professional and personal growth.

How do you think it is going to benefit the Nigerian Economy ? Post your view about increase in the enrollment in US universities.

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