Cloud Tech: Students Found Berth To Universities And Colleges

Technology has become an integral part of our life. Today, with the availability of customized technologies we share, exchange, craft, and manage important information. And with computing techs, mankind have successfully managed to fill the geographical and time gap with regard to the communication.

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At present, when we look around us, we see how different technologies play a significant role in meeting the various needs of the humans. From taking online education to attending vital video conferences via the web, technology has evolved as an imperative tool for us. An example of UCAS website could be suitable which managed huge traffic on A- level result day. With cloud technology, the website of UCAS handled 1.4 million logins on result day. It’s amazing to see technology aiding students to receive crucial information. Read on.

Finding Place At Universities And Colleges


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It was an anxious day for the students. Total of 1.4 million students logged-in to check whether they managed to secure their course and place in the respective colleges and universities. But UCAS helped 7000,000 plus to find the place at different colleges and universities. On the result day, the result information went on air at 8 am. Within a short span on time, UCAS site started to receive huge logins. About 249 logins were made per second. The technology devised by the UCAS managed to cater crucial information to million of students without any technical glitch. This shows what an effective and robust technology can do. Students were able to check their results instantly and hassle free. In my view, such technologies are a gift to our society.



How Tech Managed To Hold The Strain

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It was cloud technology which has helped UCAS to deal with such immense online strain. In the present day, keeping the requirement in consideration, UCAS has devised Azure cloud platform of Microsoft. The cloud technology is flexible and aids the students to during the mounting usage. The technology is perfect to deal with the pressure of high traffic. With this tech, the service is provided to the user at peak time and go down after the demand has met. This has not only helped the UCAS to provide essential and glitch free service but also to device an affordable technology.


Cloud Tech Tool For Education

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The benefit of cloud computing is not restricted to finding the place in the colleges and universities. Students can collaborate and share learning with their team, take assignments and do homework. While engaging to cloud learning, students can take education at any time and place. From the perspective of educational institutions catering education to the students could be offered in more effective way. Through virtual classroom, institutions could help increased number of students to take learning. A teacher instructing at distant place could connect to the learner with internet connectivity. With cloud platform, institutions could indulge the learner to the relevant education process with current knowledge resources. Experts say that cloud is the new tool for the future classroom. I wouldn’t disagree with them, especially, after what I saw in the case of UCAS.


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