Nigeria: The Outlook And Commitment For Quality Education

Knowledge is absolute. It helps us to acquire know-how of multiple things around us. And in-depth studies help us to make innovation. In simple word, education is an essential part of human life. That’s why in the real life value of education is extreme. Nigeria needs to realise this fact. It has create the opportunity and platform so that youth of the country does not remain illiterate. This would make sure that the future of the country remains at the safe hands of the educated Nigerians. But to translate this dream into reality would require better and collective effort.

Overall Growth Of Children

Education for Nigerian children is impeccable. It would shape their mind with strong skills, build positive attitude, teach them values and make them knowledgeable. This would ensure that is Nigeria is capable of producing able and responsible citizens who can stand before any given tasks or challenges.

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The international educational expert and Principal at Olashore International School Derek Smith, says “We believe in academic excellence. It is the bedrock of what the school stands for. We also have a unique and seamless blend of education and technology and we recently introduced the use of iPads by both teachers and students in the classroom. By the time we add other activities such as music, drama, discipline, leadership and the likes, we will have taken secondary school education in Nigeria to levels never reached before.”

Regarding the need of the focus Smith believes, “while there is paramount need to manage Nigeria’s oil resources more efficiently and create more wealth opportunities, there is an even greater need to invest more in education, especially because it is less obvious or less glamorous. Countries that are paying priority to education, have been able to create a steady stream of human capital that are managing all other aspects of the economy and indeed society.”

The Real Picture

The majority of the Nigerian population lives in rural area. But if we consider the facilities in the area it would be the utter disappointment. Many things could have been done in all the years we have left behind. But still we find the lack of commitment towards facilitating. And the outcome is- rising unemployment in the rural areas, the increase in crime, child labour, poverty and others which are bug hurdle for the achievement of the development of the Nigeria. And when we think about schools in rural areas, it’s no less than the nightmare. The schools have the lack of basic infrastructures like open classrooms with damaged walls, inadequate teachers, library facility, lack of academic employees no sufficient table and chairs, insufficient computer labs with web access etc.

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To attain the goal to make Nigeria a strong nation education facilitation in the rural area needs great transformation modern education system. Before the country remains behind from the rest of the nations of the world strong measures are required to be taken immediately without further delay.

Joint Effort

Nigeria had enough compromised with the fate of its development. It cannot afford to bear casual approach to making things right. The world is moving fast and Nigeria needs to keep the development with the pace of the global standard. Countries around the world are making advancement in the field of science & technology, health, education and others areas whereas things in Nigeria are still not right. Time has come that government and other stakeholders jointly make the effort to make the country efficient from every perspective and earn its deserving reputation in the global map.

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