Embracing Adolescent Girl Education, World Bank To Invest $2.5 Billion

Education is the key which can unlock the possibilities of development and progress. Realising this fact, education policies of different the countries are carefully formulated to ensure their citizens have access to quality education. However, poverty and lack of commitment towards citizens have restricted millions to participate in learning.

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The case is even more daunting for girls. The girls education is the issue that has made leaders of the world the organisations to collectively improve the situation. According to reports globally there are 62 million girls who are out of school. According to the World Bank, there is 18% growth related to the earning power in future of the girls with the education of the secondary school, every year.

According to the study, the girls education has assorted impact. It revealed that educated women have better healthy life, involve more into the job market, make more earning, give less birth to children, late marriage and give improved education and health facility to their child.

Understanding the power of girl education, the World Bank has decided to fund $2.5 billion for educating adolescent girls. Read on.

Investing In Girls Education

For the adolescent girls aged between 12-17, the World bank will invest $2.5 billion till 20-20. It’s anticipated that almost 75% of the funded by the International Development Association (IDA). The IDA, the World Bank Group will invest in poverty stricken nations where most girls are out of schools, predominantly in the South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The programme will focus on a number of endeavours for providing standard education access at secondary schools for the adolescent girls, this is to make sure that girls enrol in schools and culminate the secondary level education. The programme will provide scholarships, provisional transfers of cash. Besides, the programme will also concentrate on improving the cardinal resources which will include toilets and clean drinking water in schools.

The Commitment

In the IMF Spring Meetings of World Bank Group, the President of World Bank Group Jim Yong Kim said, “Empowering and educating adolescent girls is one of the best ways to stop poverty from being passed from generation to generation, and can be transformational for entire societies. This increased funding will help provide countries, especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, with the tools to expand access to quality education so that all adolescent girls can go to school and reach their full potential.”

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States said, “This isn’t just a breathtaking investment of resources, it’s also a powerful statement of mission – it’s an expression of our belief in the power of education to transform the lives and prospects of millions of girls worldwide – as well as the prospects of their families, communities and countries. The evidence is very clear: when we invest in girls’ education, and we embrace women in our workforce, that doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits all of us.”


The initiative to fund the girls education will have the far reaching socio-economic impact on the growth of the countries. This in the wider spectrum will contribute towards the economic sustainability of the millions of women who will have the equal opportunity to stand their prospect in the self- enhancement. This further will allow women to play the crucial role towards the global economic development.

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Article source : bit.ly/1SU48cW

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