The Best Way For Business Schools To Improve Diversity In 2017

With the rising popularity of online learning, it is not only affecting traditional education but changing the structure of degrees themselves. As teaching becomes more digitalised, learning is no longer dependent on being in a classroom and is therefore transforming the future of MBA programs. In fact, Business schools for MBA courses are rebalancing their focus and changing the way that they cater to students and deliver content.

Shorter courses – As the needs of students continue to change, shorter programs are becoming a preferred route and therefore encouraging Business schools for MBA courses to offer more intense programs. Whilst still covering relevant material and retaining credibility, these courses will run over a shorter time period, ensuring that students are more likely to enrol and complete them. The previously concrete nature of an MBA in Business has often been perceived as unaccommodating due to the ever-changing nature of the industry and the inability for institutions to be able to incorporate dynamic trends into teaching. However, shorter courses will not only help to make content more inclusive but will also keep students engaged whilst the content remains relevant to the current climate of the industry.

Experimental learning – The lecture-style format is continuing to change and is resulting in exploring different methods of teaching and more flexible curriculums. With online learning transforming the educational landscape, classes themselves will become more experimental, for example through utilising technology as a tool to aid learning. By digitalising learning, it is now possible for students to learn remotely and therefore allow education to appeal to a wider audience. Information will continue to be taught and presented in different ways, becoming more remote in order to shift the responsibility from teacher to student and make them more accountable for their own learning. Content will no longer be confined to being taught within a classroom setting.

online learning students

Customised degrees – By cultivating a more student-centred approach to learning, MBA courses will be tailored to the particular needs of students and will therefore allow them to work towards reaching their goal. This also ensures that courses are focused on the progression of individuals, allowing them to gain the most out of their education. For example, a working professional may be studying for an MBA in Business in order to aid them in a new position. The MBA course will be able to provide them with more practical, transferable skills and make the transition easier in the workplace. A customisable degree will also help to foster interpersonal growth, and with a majority of students of studying for an MBA course to aid their career development, it only makes sense for these courses to become more tailored to their individual needs.

International growth – With technology making education more accessible, institutions will begin to invest more in growing and building campuses internationally. This will not only make courses available to an even wider audience but will allow students to build global connections and access more opportunities. It can also increase exposure for institutions and cultivate a global footprint.

The overall objective of MBA courses has changed and is therefore inevitably leading to business schools having to alter and reconsider the way that their content is being taught. As the organisational demands and requirements for employees change, the needs of working professionals are becoming more particular and they are therefore seeking a more tailored and concise form of education, whilst still retaining the credibility and high standard of qualification. With the continual shift and change in technology, education itself will become more dependent on the industrial needs and continue to digitalise teaching in order to ensure that students continue to enrol and remain engaged.

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Planning career in management? Here is how MBA can help you to follow your goal

Planning career can give stress. This not only is happening with you. There are hundred and thousands like you, who are thinking of career shift or planning to make the career in management. Many chose MBA pathway to fast track their master degree programme. This way students complete the course early compare to the regular duration of the course. Besides, since the management career is high in demand, many prefer likewise courses that will help them to culminate learning early. No surprise that similar online courses have become popular among students.

Suitable Time For MBA

Do students remain in the dilemma- when to enrol for MBA? The answer would be- one should take MBA when he/she would require the degree to advance the career. However, things may not be easy. Undergraduates still in college, should remain clear regarding why they want to pursue MBA, post bachelor’s studies. They should note that decent years of experience with MBA degree make the valuable impact. Whereas, taking MBA without any job exposure may make you let you struggle the bit more to hunt down a job. There is online course pathway for MBA which will allow fresh graduate students to work and gain experience and take business management studies simultaneously.

In case one is still confused and not sure when is the time to enrol to MBA than they can visit career and job placement counsellors. Moreover, there is some magazine like U.S News, Success and World Report, Business Week and others which can guide learners further.

Trends Of Enrolment To MBA

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The National Centre for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that in 2000 there were 100,000 MBAs compare to the 5000 MBAs in 1960. And currently average 150,000 MBAs pass out annually. The trend suggests that enrolment to MBA course are determined by the economy. During the slowdown of the economy affected the employee, staffs and students enrol to MBA in the hope that it’ll provide them with the solid foundation in the walk of their career. Hence, online distance MBA pathway programmes are valued which help them to advance to masters of business administration course.

MBA Categories

There are different areas of studies in a specialised MBA programme. One can select one among the different types among several. However, there are instances where students take dual specialisation. Let’s check the different specialised MBA courses:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management

However with an online platform, the variety of MBA specialisation is not restricted to the above five only. Besides there are general MBA courses which deal with the comprehensive study of all the crucial aspects of the business and management like- Accounting, Economics, Quantitative analysis, Organisational behaviour, Marketing and others. Many professionals take pathway for MBA to boost their career while balancing their job and study.

MBA offer better..

Yes, it’s true. There are thousands probably millions who have earned the better role in the management of the organisations. They are well paid and enjoy respectable position within the companies with the power to influence decisions. Executive working in the organisation are in the opinion that MBA does help individuals to hold the key skills and knowledge that aid them to earn the position they seek to earn. This overall help them to improve the standard of life by enabling one to balance their professional and personal life.


There are ample possibilities with MBA in the career. One thing that I feel never goes wasted is the skill. Every skill is important according to its requirement in the varied industry. Business and management skill are the most crucial element to run organisation. And this artifice will further be in demand. That makes me say- more opportunity for MBA degree holders.

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What Is The Novel Pathway Of Graduation In Terms Of Undergraduate Diploma?

With the introduction of the new law, students who have never passed their high school exit exams are getting benefitted by undergraduate diplomas and thus getting an another chance to graduate. Atleast six of the thousand states are taking the initiative to introduce undergraduate diploma. More than 17,000 diplomas have been issued in Georgia, 4,000 in Texas and 6100 in South Carolina. Misty Hatcher, a student once said that lack of high school diploma had kept her away from getting a well paid job for years. The past and future graduation-rate calculation of students involve those who have earned their diplomas via HB91, the educational BILL.

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Reasons Behind Issuing High School Diplomas

In order to benefit the increasing number of students who have not passed their high school exit exams, a new law has been passed that issues online undergraduate diploma. The House Bill 91 passed by Georgia in the last March allows for the provision. Once Misty Hatcher, a high school student had been refused for admission in the technical college because she did not have her high school diploma certificate. After the introduction of the new law, she got herself enrolled in the same college and is studying to become a networking specialist at present.

Growth And Development Of The New Law Issued

Nigerian Education
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Though many have criticised the new law to introduce undergraduate diploma, the demand for the same has not lessened. Bill Hammond, the former state executive and the present chief executive officer of Texas said that the new law has no future and it is useless to invest times in such kind of programmes. If an IQ is what that owns diploma for the failed students, then where is the hard word of the meticulous students recognised? However, apart from these arguments the programme has never laid back. The students who have failed in one, two or three required exit exams, for those, the committies will consider their portfolios, project completion and other remedial work. However, they ought to pass the core courses to graduate.

How Does The Novel Pathway Of Graduation Risen From A National Trend Based On Issuing The Diploma

Boost Your Learning
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The novel pathway of graduation has risen from a national trend in the form of issuing online undergraduate diploma. The comprehensive tests in Maths and English are getting removed by the states day by day. Many states are cutting off the practice of over-exit exams for years. The reasons behind this is that the exams are considered useless because they often cater to 8th or 9th grade level of skills. Many states who have eliminated their graduation examinations, have claimed that they do not reflect to the Common Core State Standards.

Inference Gathered

The introduction of the new law regarding the issue of the undergraduate diploma has been in the observation of the critics. Many has been said in against the law, however, that has not made it loose its demand. Atleast six states have introduced the same and many more are yet to come which shows the future.

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Explore New Avenues Of Career Prospect With Online Courses

Students across the countries are taking online course programmes to boost their career. Since, at Distance learning indulging to study activities are more simple and easy, hence professionals and the students are taking e-learning. Taking online programmes like Business and Management courses are very convenient.

Online Learning
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As the demand for online education is growing many new courses are popping up. A learner has more option to select ranging from finance, leadership, product design and development etc. However, I would strictly recommend you to check all the details with regard to the online course programme. Before taking one, verify the institute and whether the course is accredited. Apart from the advanced learning, there are also free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from where you can engage to online learning.

Why Online Courses Are Growing?


Digital learning
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I would take an example of many management students who take online business and management courses for the advancement of their career. But why? It’s because online programmes are beneficial from the students perspective. At distance learning, students have the advantage to select the study time. Moreover, the learner can also choose his favourable place of study. The resilient online education has enabled the students to up-skill their know-how in easy and simple manner. Unlike the traditional education online learning courses are low cost. At many educational institutes, students can pay the course fee in easy monthly instalments. Also, the demand for online education has forced institutes to deliver the quality accredited education and study materials.

Online Courses Effective For Up-Skill

skill development
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Mark, an executive in a company, dreams big. He wants to improve his living standard. Moreover, he has a robust desire to obtain the key management position in the organisation. He has undergone Online business and management courses and has already enroled. He says, “I’ve taken an online course to gain key skills of management to make to the highest role.” Like Mark, many other are taking distance learning programmes enhance their skill for the career.

Comprehensive Learning With Focus On Future


Demand for online education has grown tremendously past several years. Keeping the learner choice in mind, educational institutions have greatly focused on distance learning. The quality of distance learning has improved. New and progressive teaching techniques have been adapted to suit the learner. To favour the students, advanced technology has been devised, this includes learning apps and video content etc.

These educational institutes cater learning with a definite purpose i.e “Career Advancement.” Let me take an example of business and management courses offered online. The courses are comprehensive and contain key aspects of business management which aims to enhance the management skill in an individual.

Step To The World Web Education

In the competitive world finding the desired job is not easy. Like a management professional who prefer to take online business and management courses, professionals working in the different industry also can take online courses that will help them to accelerate. The demand for the skilled labour will grow. Hence, it’s important that students and professionals up-skill their knowledge. Online course programmes could be effective in meeting the skill workforce demand as thousands of students are taking distance education.

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How Does An Online Postgraduate Study Assists The Students In The Professional Fields?

What do the employers of the business management fields want? They want the technical representation of one’s applicable skills in the area of profession which enables an employee to solidify his/ her position and also assists the employers to get their needed expectations. For fulfilling all of these aspects you, obviously, need a postgraduate degree for your own sake.

Postgraduate degree

A postgraduate degree offers you the additional factors which will add more strength to your resume as well as providing you the idea by which you will be operating in your professional life.So, a postgraduate degree only has extra points added to it and it will be more convenient for you to follow if you get to study one.

So, what do you get from an online postgraduate degree? Let’s have a look:

Education persists

Postgraduate Degree

You obviously follow an online postgraduate diploma because you sincerely want to follow your studies as well as adding an extra strength to your resume. It will offer you a set of innovative skills to perform better in your professional life. A postgraduate course will definitely assist you if you want to stick to academic professions as further studying in the related subject is required from the candidates.

The employers demand

As it is mentioned earlier, the employers require their employees to be professionally strong. They want the employees to utilise their skills in the desired area. For fulfilling such need of the employers, an online postgraduate diploma in business management can help you a lot.

Different direction

A postgraduate study also allows you to study a different subject if you may choose to do so. It requires your determination to take up such a postgraduate degree .You also need to represent your performance in at least two different modes. Your decision plays an important role in it.

Career starts

Professional Career

Your career, at the beginning, may require the tactful highlighting of your professional skills. Some employers do expect you to perform showing your applicable skills to them. This strengthens your professional career at its inaugural step. Having an online postgraduate diploma helps you to have a better grasp on your professional career at the beginning.

Your decision counts

You have to be firmly determined in order to follow a postgraduate study. Your confidence will allow you to get the benefit of studying. Some of the candidates want to follow a job before taking up such a form of education because it will permit them to have some work experience and this experience, when added to an online postgraduate diploma in business management, will aim to provide an extra strength to the candidate’s profession securing him in his professional life more than usual.

A productive profession

If you have already decided to go for the online postgraduate course, then why are you waiting? When it allows you to get the required performing elements as well as add up to your educational qualification, then you should take full advantage of it. There will be various paths leading to a lot of possibilities if you take the simple step to the single initial path of taking up the online postgraduate course.

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Is Business Education Essential For Economic Development In Nigeria?

How important is business education for your career in Nigeria? Let’s face it, in today’s ever evolving business world, earning a management degree can help you get the best employment opportunities or land the next big promotion. But considering the economic, social and academic challenges in Nigeria, can a business management diploma help to boost your career? Let’s find out…

Economic development & education

It is not breaking news that Nigeria is currently facing several challenges due to inconsistent government, corruption, poverty, terrorism, unemployment and a poor academic system. This is not only affecting the national economy, but also youth of our country. In this scenario, pursuing business education and building a thriving career can seem like a daunting task for most young aspirants. But the fact is our country is striving to move away from being a backward region and emerge as a prominent player in the global economic development sphere.

We as a nation have effectively gained a sense of determination and objective to not only face our social and economic problems, but also to create a better environment for our future leaders. The government and other establishment are now taking steps to not only address social and economic issues, but a lot of measures are being taken to improve education across the region. Education is undoubtedly one of the main pillars for national economic development. In 2006, focusing on the significance of education, Igbuzor said that education is a basic human right and everyone should be able to access educational opportunities solely for the reason of being human.

Education for development

No one can deny that education is crucial for development of every society; thus, it is imperative that educated individuals should be placed in critical positions in the government, business and society for communal and national development. According to a 2008 statement by Osokoya, schools at different levels are expected to instruct and educate our future leaders and help them develop high level technical skills and abilities required for economic progress and development.

However, the fact is that the state of schools and colleges across Nigeria raises serious causes for concern. Although, the government has taken a lot of efforts to improve the scenario, still a lot more needs to be done. As a result of this, most students lag behind and do not posses adequate literacy and numeracy skills. This has created some serious difficulties for learners who want to pursue higher education and earn a college degree or business degree.

Shantaram Hedgekatte, administrator of Ambassador Nnne Furo Kurubo Model Secondary School in Rivers State and CEO of Educomp Solutions Nigeria Limited , said “The state of education all over Nigeria, not just Rivers State, is in shamble. Probably it had better days before, but today, it is really bad. We have conducted entrance examinations twice, we have seen very bright students, but we have also seen that majority of the students are not good enough. I am afraid what will happen to this country if they grow up like this.”

He added “You have a huge population of young people; I guess, 45%of Nigerians are less than 20 years old. And these are going to be future leaders of this nation. Now if these are uneducated, if they cannot read and write and have the benefit of education, what are they going to be? They will be unemployable.”

Need for business education

This only demonstrates that studying business management has now become even more important for Nigerian youths, whether they wish to build a thriving career or start they own business. But with only a handful of recognised B-schools in the country, is it possible for you to receive quality business education without taking out heavy students loans?

As pursuing a full time MBA or a business degree is really difficult due to socio-economic and political reasons in Nigeria, an increasing number of aspiring Nigerian business leaders are now studying online business degree from leading UK universities and B-schools. As UK universities follow the highest academic standards, you will get high quality education and also acquire the necessary business skills. Moreover, studying a recognised programme like an online ATHE diploma in business will help you to save a lot of time and money. You will gain comprehensive knowledge core management concepts and also develop hands-on skills by working a full time or part time job while you study. As online programme offer excellent flexibility and convenience, you will have the opportunity to work and study simultaneously.

What’s more?

An online ATHE level 6 diploma in business management will boost your employability and open avenues to lucrative career opportunities. You will be able to add significant value to your company and drive your career forward.

What do you think? How do plant to earn a business degree? Share your opinions with us by commenting here.

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