How Technology Helps In Improving Education?

Today we are living in an age, that can be addressed as the golden era of human civilization as the midus touch of technology has refined almost every aspect of our social-economical and personal life. The field of education can be addressed as the quintessential technology-oriented domain, where new tech- revelations are taking place in every second. Technological innovations in learning has begun to replace traditional mode of education.

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Bringing Midus Touch Of Technology Into Education

In the last few years, the education process and methodology has improved significantly with the introduction of advanced educational technology. According to CB Insights, Edtech funding has taken a leap to 55% within the time span of 2014-15, that too without showing any indication of slowing down.

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Although initially educational experts, teachers and even parents were apprehensive about the use of technology in education, several educators have now come to believe that it is necessary to improve education by utilising latest technological tools.

However, with further technological advancements, more and more colleges and universities have started embracing technology to create a better environment and provide an enhanced learning experience to their students. Though there are couple of challenges, posed by technology, they were outnumbered by the benefits it offered. Now education has reached the next level and the entire system has transformed completely with the help of constantly progressing technology.

Does Technology Make Education Any Better?

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Technology has allowed schools and educators to keep pace with the new generation of learners who more technology-inclined than the previous generation. Education and technology are undoubtedly a great combination as it makes learning more engaging, accessible and affordable and expands the reach of education to students who cannot attend classrooms due to various challenges.

If you ask me, I believe that technology certainly improves education by bettering the way we teach and learn. As our society is gradually changing, I think it has become imperative that we revolutionise education to better student accomplishment.

A report from Global Industry Analysts(GIA) has confirmed that, the global market of e-learning has already reached $107 billion in 2015 & driven by further advancements in edtech tools, it is estimated that, in 2016, tech trends in education will set a new standard.

Tech Trends That Will Alter The Face Of Education

With the end of 2015, it is the time to look at the possible education technology trends for the new year. With technology constantly evolving, the technology available to improve education will continue to grow.

Online Corporate Learning – A Growing Momentum

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As reckoned by GIA’s $107B, Corporate eLearning will be making new avenues, increasing the market about 13% until 2017. As one of the pivotal reasons of this distinct raise is, the number of companies & organisations, which are gradually adopting & cherishing the importance of enhancing their employees’ knowledge, is increasing. The newly evolved corporate eLearning, providing with a flexible & cost-effective way of knowledge, does allow employees to undergo a 24/7 customized training at any level on any device.

But the question, that can be raised here, is, what has caused corporate eLearning to get a jolt in 2016? Today every company needs a off-the-shelf training content. Whether it be IT training, project management, supervisory skills, or industry compliance programs, organizations need to deliver these programs to employees on a regular basis & here counts the success of online training in corporate sector.

Skill Measurement – Measurs & Tracks Student Learning

Building a steady momentum in learning is not enough. It is quite imperative to observe & assess progress in competency-based learning. When A customization education is provided, it becomes crucial to ensure that modular learning experiences are cohesively blended together & to do so efficient ways to measure and track student learning are so required that smooth interchanges between each learning experience can be guaranteed.

Alternative Learning Styles – Offering Learners More Interactive Experiences

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There was a time, when education was restricted to an age old syllebus, tought in a chalk and talk method. But time has changed now. With the graduation of social, economical & professional scenario, the education has evolved too. Today getting educated has emerged into something immensely innovative and prudent, providing with the scope for students to get acquainted with new ideas and face new challenges.

While text-based or video-based tutorials are evolving into new shapes, various distinguished alternative learning styles will start & keep emerging in 2016 & thereafter as well. These learnings methods will not only enhance students’ learning experiences, but they are showing hopes to offer learners more interactive experiences like writing code directly in the browser, or completing online challenges as part of the learning process.

Online Competency-Based Training – A Revolutionary Approach Towards Education

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While both competency based training & online learning are crucial in their respective arena, the juxtaposition of these two is espected to open new avenues in education. If we follow Michelle R. Weise and Clayton M. Christensen, we would come to comprehend that online competency-based training possesses “great disruptive potential” as it integrates right learning models, as well as right technologies, customers, and business models are also included to consider.

Weise and Christensen further explain that online competency-based training providers, “can cost-effectively combine modules of learning into pathways that are agile and adaptable to the changing labor market.”

To Conclude

It is true that, there are some opinions still exist today that are falling far behind,keeping up with the drastic changes, brought on by technology. However, technology has not only enabled the wider reach of education, but also explored a better quality of learning process. Technology has made the whole process of learning and teaching so easy and accessible for everyone, that we can achieve the goal of education for everyone in near future.

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Education Enrollment Beneficial For Nigerian Economy

The quest for higher education among the Nigerian students is thriving. Student’s in large number are opting for higher studies and research are flying to U.S. Also the lack of scope for and research facility is pushing students to search for better alternative at abroad. The experts, however, forecast that future of Nigeria’s economy has good prospect. They believe that these students hold key to future Nigerian economy.

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Nigerians Tops in U.S Higher Education Enrollment

U.S international higher education enrollment figure shows that Nigerian tops at Sub-Saharan Africa. It holds eighteenth position in the world.

The U.S mission in Nigeria organized the 16th Annual College and Career fair in ABUJA. It was organized to boost the number of Nigerian students studying in America.

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Speaking in the fair, the U.S Education Advisory Supervisor, Folashade Adebayo said for the 2015/2016 Academic year, the Education USA members received financial aids of over four million U.S dollars as scholarships for Nigerian students. Adbayo added that, “Nigeria is declared 1st in Sub Saharan Africa and 18th in the World for International U.S higher education enrollment following Nigeria enrollment rate is Kenya with about 5000 margin”.

She said, “According to Institute of International Education’s Open door, Nigeria Student’s enrollment in the U.S has increased with more than 25 percent in the past 5 years. She said that U.S Embassy College fair has contributed hugely to the increase of Nigeria students studying in United States. She said that currently in America eight thousand students are perusing higher education.

Prospect For Nigerian Economy

Addressing the Career fair, Bob Kerr, the U.S Cultural Affairs Officer said, “Studying in the higher institutions in the United States provides International advantage to Nigerians. He emphasized on Nigerian Students in the U.S will be provided opportunities to give back practical knowledge to the development of Nigeria’s economy and Africa Continent as a whole.”

U.S Education Advisory Supervisor also believes that increasing enrollment figure is gainful to the future of Nigeria and its economy.

Nigerians Prefer America

The Education USA officer identified limited access and the challenge of research system in Nigeria as major reasons why some Nigerians prefer to study in the U.S. Folashade Adebayo said “in the 2015/2016 academic year, Education USA members received over 4 million Dollars in financial aid and scholarship for Nigerian students”.

Possibilities Via Education Fair

Folashade stated that the college fair provides opportunities to bet current information on studying in the States.

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“The College fair has direct contributions to the increase in the numbers of Nigerian applicants as well s provide information on available financial aids for the less privileged of the society”

Top Five Countries For Nigerian Students

Loaded with improved education facilities, foreign nations attract students. Like others Nigerians too have realized the value of perusing higher studies abroad. The top five countries where Nigerians are studying are:

  • England
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany

The Goal

Nigerians have understood the essence of education. Countries like United States Of America offers tremendous scope to gain knowledge equipped with growth bound education system. Studying abroad provides ambit for professional and personal growth.

How do you think it is going to benefit the Nigerian Economy ? Post your view about increase in the enrollment in US universities.

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