Entrepreneurs To Inaugurate Online Learning Institutes For Better Future.

Online learning, as the educators are projecting it, is the next big thing in the domain of education and in near future, it will shed its alternative tag and going to be an essential part of the entire learning system. This is perhaps the most significant change in educational ecosystem since learning itself became the core engine of human development.

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As technology is gaining its ground in every aspect of our life education also got its intuitive touch of technology and became more and more available to the aspired learners who are in need of active learning or learning which is bases on hands-on experience needed to upgrade and upskill. And this ‘need’ of learning is driving the entrepreneurs to implement online learning institutes at a rapid pace.

Whizz-kids like Yelena Maslova, one of among Russia’s Top 30 young Internet entrepreneurs by Forbes Russia, are backing up online learning. In spite having a traditional educational career, she participated in online learning course from California’s Stanford University and much to her surprise discovered that contrary to general notion, the quality of online classes was best-in-class.

“I had world-class specialists as professors, read tonnes of articles and books, and submitted essays,” Yelena said. “So this education did not differ much from an offline course. In my case, it was even better.”

This exactly is the reason why eLearning is becoming more and more popular among the inspired learners. This mode of learning offers a customised learning opportunity. And being online learning is becoming all the more available to the students who are deprived of proper study material due to the constraint of region and resource. So the hard fact is traditional learning is failing to fulfil the purpose of passing on the knowledge that is required to get a suitable job title for the learners.

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And online learning is making all the effort to fulfil this hiatus between ‘knowledge’ that is needed and learning that is imparted by the traditional learning institutes. Study says that today employers of all around the world are seeking skilled people not only educated individuals. And to upgrade skills online learning is the best place because the courses and modules are designed in a way from which learners will be armed with hands-on experience.

Traditional learning is teacher oriented, where educators are considered as the core of the classroom. And the only activity of a student is listening to lectures and taking notes. The cost of traditional learning is increasing drastically which is, actually, restraining students to opt for higher studies. And then there are working students who are bounded by social and family responsibilities and forced to end their studies. Online learning provides everything that a traditional institute can’t.

Liu Ying, director of the Test and Evaluation Research Institute under ATA, said that online learning is going to play a major role to change the framework of education entirely

“One direction of reform is to help students improve learning efficiency and effect,” says Ying, “And thanks to the convenience and the big data brought by the Internet, we are more able to help students to achieve these goals, deploying tools and techniques including a self-adaptive test system, individual knowledge graph and big-data analysis.”.

Like Yelena Maslova and Yind many entrepreneurs and bigwigs are thinking of initiating online learning institutes to deliver quality education needed to build the future of a nation.

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Online Learning: Providing An Alternative Learning Pathway For Better Career.

Technology alone changed our lifestyle in almost every aspect, whether you want to communicate a buddy of yours living in another part of the world or transfer money to your family whenever they need. Every single thing you can think of has changed in a radical way by the touch of technology, educational system is no exceptional. Gone are the days when educators had to rely on orally delivered speech and the hard copy of study material. Now is the time of digitalised era, where the process of learning has taken a technical form.

Boy using computer at home
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It is scientifically proved that an online steaming video or a webcast can help students in a more specific way, whether they are going to track the movement of quantum particles or measure the atmospheric components. Technology reveals a better way of understanding of complex three dimensional structures of mechanical and medical related contents.

There are, however, some negative thoughts about this new education-delivery system. Some holds the thought that online learning can be a success if only it is applied on teaching STEM subjects, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Language, literature, social and political studies, history and the rest are best delivered if it is done traditionally. But no matter how this debate goes on online learning continues to be a vital part of educational system.

On What Ground Online Learning Is Gaining Its Popularity?

Wonder how Trevor MacNeice, a student working on two shifts in McDonald completed his MBA in management and got a job with a handsome salary package after few years of hard working? Well, he has been told to believe by a friend that online courses are the only option available to obtain such a degree. He did some research on online education and started saving money immediately after he was convinced about it.

Alternate Learning Pathway

Online education has paved the way for an alternative learning pathway which not only provides a wide range of learning options but also an opportunity of obtaining alternative credentialing. Whether you are in pursuit of a higher degree or want to do a course on computer programing language, online education serves it all.

Better Accessibility

Online learning
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One of the interesting facts of online learning is that students can access the course material anytime they want irrespective of their engagement in any other work, which means they can continue their studies in the lunch time during a work-shift, or in the middle of a music class through mobile. A recent research shows that accessing the web-courses through smart phone has increased in the US in 2009 from 18% to 64%. This clearly shows the popularity that online learning is gaining among the students.

A Support For Adults

Online education, by all means, has been acting as a supportive element to the adult learners also. Not only is it arming them with new skills required for a career growth but also making them technically acknowledged with various online educational tools like computers, smart phones, projectors, etc.

It Costs Less

Online education allows the learners to choose from several courses which costs less than a half of what they had to spend in traditional educational institutes. No matter what course you choose you have to pay less than what u thought. Working as a part-timer? Start doing online courses with your savings.

To be exact, online learning is an upgraded version of traditional face-to-face learning. It focuses on the result of learning rather that learning itself. A degree is utterly meaningless if it not directs to a better career or brighter future. Online education fills the need of career oriented learning. It delivers exactly the education that the traditional learning in a bricks-and-mortar classroom fails to provide.

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What Is The Novel Pathway Of Graduation In Terms Of Undergraduate Diploma?

With the introduction of the new law, students who have never passed their high school exit exams are getting benefitted by undergraduate diplomas and thus getting an another chance to graduate. Atleast six of the thousand states are taking the initiative to introduce undergraduate diploma. More than 17,000 diplomas have been issued in Georgia, 4,000 in Texas and 6100 in South Carolina. Misty Hatcher, a student once said that lack of high school diploma had kept her away from getting a well paid job for years. The past and future graduation-rate calculation of students involve those who have earned their diplomas via HB91, the educational BILL.

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Reasons Behind Issuing High School Diplomas

In order to benefit the increasing number of students who have not passed their high school exit exams, a new law has been passed that issues online undergraduate diploma. The House Bill 91 passed by Georgia in the last March allows for the provision. Once Misty Hatcher, a high school student had been refused for admission in the technical college because she did not have her high school diploma certificate. After the introduction of the new law, she got herself enrolled in the same college and is studying to become a networking specialist at present.

Growth And Development Of The New Law Issued

Nigerian Education
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Though many have criticised the new law to introduce undergraduate diploma, the demand for the same has not lessened. Bill Hammond, the former state executive and the present chief executive officer of Texas said that the new law has no future and it is useless to invest times in such kind of programmes. If an IQ is what that owns diploma for the failed students, then where is the hard word of the meticulous students recognised? However, apart from these arguments the programme has never laid back. The students who have failed in one, two or three required exit exams, for those, the committies will consider their portfolios, project completion and other remedial work. However, they ought to pass the core courses to graduate.

How Does The Novel Pathway Of Graduation Risen From A National Trend Based On Issuing The Diploma

Boost Your Learning
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The novel pathway of graduation has risen from a national trend in the form of issuing online undergraduate diploma. The comprehensive tests in Maths and English are getting removed by the states day by day. Many states are cutting off the practice of over-exit exams for years. The reasons behind this is that the exams are considered useless because they often cater to 8th or 9th grade level of skills. Many states who have eliminated their graduation examinations, have claimed that they do not reflect to the Common Core State Standards.

Inference Gathered

The introduction of the new law regarding the issue of the undergraduate diploma has been in the observation of the critics. Many has been said in against the law, however, that has not made it loose its demand. Atleast six states have introduced the same and many more are yet to come which shows the future.

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Why BRCK Can Change Education In Africa?

It has now become old news that Africa faces several challenges in offering quality education opportunities due to various reasons like poverty, political instability, corruption, terrorism etc. But what is making news today is the growing use of technology to offer easily accessible education to African children. Currently more than 40 kids started learning by using tablets inside a transformed shipping container in one of the low-income regions of Kenya, under the guidance of their teachers.

Technology Education
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Technology And Education

Although primary public education has been free across Kenya since 2003, the costs of study materials and school uniforms prove to be rather expensive for parents. This is why the Lighthouse Grace Academy in Nairobi launched a new academic initiative for expanding the use of technology in learning and helping the students. BRCK Education was recently launched in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya to deal with the problems related to education in the country. However, there are still some problems including limited access to technology, unstable electricity supply, high for mobile data and technological illiteracy.

BRCK: An Education Solution

Education Solution
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The initiative offers the BRCK Kio Kit which includes the effective BRCK device, durable tablets and a simple toughened suitcase which also acts as a charger after the tablets get stored. It includes only a single charging cable and a on/off switch. When the BRCK is switched on, it uses a micro-cloud or web server which is an “offline version of the internet.” It offers a similar interactive and rich content like the web, but without the need to pay for high data costs. It is empowered through the BRCK with an extra Raspberry Pi computer connected to the device.

One of the most beneficial features of this smart assemblage of modern technology, mixed with entrepreneurial spirit, is the manner in which it is designed to allow both educators and kids who are not used to technology to learn effectively. The content is preloaded and is available in 5 content suppliers, of which 4 are from Kenya and also from education firm Pearsons.

A Clever Device

Smart Device
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In a recent Forbes article, globally reputed reporter Toby Shapshak wrote “BRCK is a clever internet device designed for the particular challenges faced by African consumers (including Kenya’s notorious power cuts) when when trying to get online. BRCK – which has attracted funding from the Case Foundation, amongst others – is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs in the thriving Nairobi tech start-up scene, including Erik Hersman, the co-founder of Kenya’s other great tech success story, Ushahidi. US President Barack Obama enthusiastically praised Kenya’s renowned entrepreneurial spirit.”

BRCK was founded by Philip Walton, Hersman and Reg Orton in 2013 as a part of Ushahidi. It easily exceeded their Kickstarter campaign target of $125,000 in the same year and went on to gather $170,000. The firm is now set to close its Series A funding. The ruggedised device was actually developed to deal with connectivity problems across Africa. BRCK aims to deal with education challenges for more than 410 million school children below the age of 14 in Africa. According to a UN report, this figure is expected to rise to 800 million school children by 2050.

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How Does An Online Postgraduate Study Assists The Students In The Professional Fields?

What do the employers of the business management fields want? They want the technical representation of one’s applicable skills in the area of profession which enables an employee to solidify his/ her position and also assists the employers to get their needed expectations. For fulfilling all of these aspects you, obviously, need a postgraduate degree for your own sake.

Postgraduate degree
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A postgraduate degree offers you the additional factors which will add more strength to your resume as well as providing you the idea by which you will be operating in your professional life.So, a postgraduate degree only has extra points added to it and it will be more convenient for you to follow if you get to study one.

So, what do you get from an online postgraduate degree? Let’s have a look:

Education persists

Postgraduate Degree
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You obviously follow an online postgraduate diploma because you sincerely want to follow your studies as well as adding an extra strength to your resume. It will offer you a set of innovative skills to perform better in your professional life. A postgraduate course will definitely assist you if you want to stick to academic professions as further studying in the related subject is required from the candidates.

The employers demand

As it is mentioned earlier, the employers require their employees to be professionally strong. They want the employees to utilise their skills in the desired area. For fulfilling such need of the employers, an online postgraduate diploma in business management can help you a lot.

Different direction

A postgraduate study also allows you to study a different subject if you may choose to do so. It requires your determination to take up such a postgraduate degree .You also need to represent your performance in at least two different modes. Your decision plays an important role in it.

Career starts

Professional Career
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Your career, at the beginning, may require the tactful highlighting of your professional skills. Some employers do expect you to perform showing your applicable skills to them. This strengthens your professional career at its inaugural step. Having an online postgraduate diploma helps you to have a better grasp on your professional career at the beginning.

Your decision counts

You have to be firmly determined in order to follow a postgraduate study. Your confidence will allow you to get the benefit of studying. Some of the candidates want to follow a job before taking up such a form of education because it will permit them to have some work experience and this experience, when added to an online postgraduate diploma in business management, will aim to provide an extra strength to the candidate’s profession securing him in his professional life more than usual.

A productive profession

If you have already decided to go for the online postgraduate course, then why are you waiting? When it allows you to get the required performing elements as well as add up to your educational qualification, then you should take full advantage of it. There will be various paths leading to a lot of possibilities if you take the simple step to the single initial path of taking up the online postgraduate course.

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How Modern Trends In Online Education Improves The Way Of Learning?

Technology and education – the combination of which is a wonderful aspect of the present day society that not only is the innovative side of technology but also is a new way of education. Education has reached another dimension with the help of technology and the effects are also perceived by us in the rapid rise and increase of education in the technical way.

Education technology
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But molding education technically requires financial resources. The educational organisation, although facing a lot of difficulties because of pressurization, is trying its best to invest in order to digitize itself. According to the CB Insights, the investments of ed-tech has jumped to 55% and is not, still, slowing down. A GIA(Global Industry Analysts) report says that the international e-learning market will reach $107 million in 2015 because of the global demand for e-based learning.

So, what are the trends in the education technology in 2015? What are the latest aspects of it. Come on, let’s have a look:

Online learning: Customize learning

It is a very prominent thing that the mode of online learning supports the style of customized learning in a very effective way. Companies are realizing the effectiveness of such learning as it makes their employee learn in a mind-engaging; satisfying and convenient way which is possible by its mode of customization. Added to it, the mode of customized learning also helps the learner to focus on studying in their personal ways. It increases their pace of learning with providing 24 hours learning support and a vast range of data.

Skill-centered educational services

An advantageous fact of online learning is its focus on the skills of the learners. It focuses on the overall improvement of skills through assessment of their performance and identifying the areas of improvement. This is such an efficient way that all the learners get equally benefited and are also elevated to perfection as that is the goal which this mode of education attempts to reach.

Alternative learning styles

Video Learning
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This is another innovative characteristic of the online mode of learning. The students need not be dependent on the traditional book-based or video-based learning. In this way students are tested by various interactive experiences like online challenges or directly writing the codes in the browsers. This is included as a part of their studies.

Competency-based training

In this way, the form of learning gets almost different from the traditional way of learning. Learning is broken down not by the contents or subject-matters but by competencies. It enables the learners to a systematic learning through personalisation; learning outcomes etc. In this way the students are more exposed to various scopes for jobs. The employers responsible for creating the network for the students for getting such opportunities are also given importance.

Michelle R. Weise and Clayton M. Christensen rightly comments that online competency-based training “can cost-effectively combine modules of learning into pathways that are agile and adaptable to the changing labor market.”

Flipped-tech learning

Flipped classroom
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This is an interactive system of online learning where students are allowed to learn from video- lectures outside the classrooms. The students can learn contents from these lectures and can complete their homework with the help of the contents. The students also get engaged in both inside and outside the classrooms which provides them great scopes to access a vast range of content. Information Week identifies flipped learning mode as one of the key ed-tech trends in 2015.

The aim of digitalised education is education’s enrichment

We have already understood how technology is benefiting education to fulfill the latter’s goal. But it does not mean that such improvement will chiefly concentrate on the technological improvement and, if it does, then it will surely be an error imposed on education. Education should not be treated that way. So, we have to keep in mind that the usage of technology only aims to enrich and facilitate education and if we take it as way of developing science and technology then this kind of thought of us should immediately be cancelled otherwise we will not obtain better education.

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Will The Online Learning Revolution Benefit Learners?

With the rise in tuition fees and stricter selection process in universities and colleges across the globe, more and more people are now opting for online education courses. As online programmes offer an easily accessible, flexible and affordable means to earn a college degree, it has gained significance prominence among educators, employers and students worldwide. The fact is, with further technological advancements online learning is revolutionising higher education.


Revolutionising education

Digital education has the ability to drastically expand the reach of education to students who cannot access traditional classroom education and provide them the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and skills. Moreover, it extends learning opportunities across demographic and geographic restrictions. It also helps in improving the way we teach and learn by boosting the quality of instruction, creating an enhanced learning environment, reducing costs and improving productivity. Moreover, online study courses allows aspiring learners to earn a university degree without investing excessive time and money and avoiding student debts.

Rick Beyer, a Managing Partner of Miles Howland Education Partners, said in a recent interview “Consumers of education are changing their purchasing habits. As we noted earlier, this is due to a combination of cost, and a growing concern about student’s and family’s return on investment, specifically related to skill sets, jobs, and debt. There is an imbalance between what a “college education” is sold as, and what it actually does — it’s a disconnect in the “college story,” if you will.”

Creating a balance

However, online learning programmes significantly help in removing this “ imbalance” as it has shifted the trend from teacher-centric learning to student-centric learning. As a wide variety of courses are offered online by many recognised global universities, students can easily opt for their desired course and study what they want, hoe they want and when they want. Online education has especially proved to be a boon for professionals who wish to advance their careers by earning an additional degree. Online courses offer high levels of flexibility that allows professional to carry on their existing jobs while pursuing higher education.


Beyer added “We are moving on into the digital age, and some strategists have suggested that really we are just now at the beginning of innovation in the digital world — that the real disruptive digital innovations are yet to come. As we progress further into the digital age, the skill set requirements at our campuses will be different. Really different.” He continued “The role of the faculty will change, moving from lecturing and teaching to mentoring and coaching. Enrollment management for campus-based students is vastly different from management of online enrollment, and requires different skill sets. Institutions will need to create new policies and governance structures to address online and digital learning.”

Increasing Accessibility

The former technology CEO believes that the demand and popularity of digital education will not only change the way our students learns, but it greatly modify how institutes work and operate. He added “I am optimistic about the future of higher education. Innovative organisations who can leverage new approaches to learning, while meeting consumer needs in a lower cost manner, will do well. And most incumbent institutions have the ability to meet this soon-to-be future state successfully, if they couple this ability with institutional will. The “will” part of it is probably the biggest challenge. On the other hand we may look back seven to ten years from now and ask where did all the colleges go? I guess one way to think about this is that for sure there will be winners and losers.”

There is no doubt that online study has greatly influenced higher education in the last few years and provided unique benefits to the learners which was never possible with traditional education. As eLearning courses become even more affordable and accessible, there is no doubt that both learners and educators will greatly benefit from it. Online learning will not only evolve higher education, but take it to a whole new level.

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