Online Learning: Providing An Alternative Learning Pathway For Better Career.

Technology alone changed our lifestyle in almost every aspect, whether you want to communicate a buddy of yours living in another part of the world or transfer money to your family whenever they need. Every single thing you can think of has changed in a radical way by the touch of technology, educational system is no exceptional. Gone are the days when educators had to rely on orally delivered speech and the hard copy of study material. Now is the time of digitalised era, where the process of learning has taken a technical form.

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It is scientifically proved that an online steaming video or a webcast can help students in a more specific way, whether they are going to track the movement of quantum particles or measure the atmospheric components. Technology reveals a better way of understanding of complex three dimensional structures of mechanical and medical related contents.

There are, however, some negative thoughts about this new education-delivery system. Some holds the thought that online learning can be a success if only it is applied on teaching STEM subjects, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Language, literature, social and political studies, history and the rest are best delivered if it is done traditionally. But no matter how this debate goes on online learning continues to be a vital part of educational system.

On What Ground Online Learning Is Gaining Its Popularity?

Wonder how Trevor MacNeice, a student working on two shifts in McDonald completed his MBA in management and got a job with a handsome salary package after few years of hard working? Well, he has been told to believe by a friend that online courses are the only option available to obtain such a degree. He did some research on online education and started saving money immediately after he was convinced about it.

Alternate Learning Pathway

Online education has paved the way for an alternative learning pathway which not only provides a wide range of learning options but also an opportunity of obtaining alternative credentialing. Whether you are in pursuit of a higher degree or want to do a course on computer programing language, online education serves it all.

Better Accessibility

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One of the interesting facts of online learning is that students can access the course material anytime they want irrespective of their engagement in any other work, which means they can continue their studies in the lunch time during a work-shift, or in the middle of a music class through mobile. A recent research shows that accessing the web-courses through smart phone has increased in the US in 2009 from 18% to 64%. This clearly shows the popularity that online learning is gaining among the students.

A Support For Adults

Online education, by all means, has been acting as a supportive element to the adult learners also. Not only is it arming them with new skills required for a career growth but also making them technically acknowledged with various online educational tools like computers, smart phones, projectors, etc.

It Costs Less

Online education allows the learners to choose from several courses which costs less than a half of what they had to spend in traditional educational institutes. No matter what course you choose you have to pay less than what u thought. Working as a part-timer? Start doing online courses with your savings.

To be exact, online learning is an upgraded version of traditional face-to-face learning. It focuses on the result of learning rather that learning itself. A degree is utterly meaningless if it not directs to a better career or brighter future. Online education fills the need of career oriented learning. It delivers exactly the education that the traditional learning in a bricks-and-mortar classroom fails to provide.

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Impact of Instructional Technology on Global Learning

Now days technology is the other name for global learning. Everywhere we look at is an effect of technology. The teachers will be taught the use of the new and upcoming software so that they can use them to impart education effectively. Students who are professionals can learn with ease with the effects of technical learning. Most of the colleges and schools these days take the help of Instructional training which simplifies the process of learning. The students as well as the educators both which have been claimed to inadequate training can be benefitted by the way of education since the online learning and training includes interactive way to teach. Recently, the Department of Education have announced that 13 states are going to take part in their Go Open Initiative in order to launch technical learning around open educational resources. Let us see how.!

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State’s Initiative To Go Open With Online Learning

The Department of Education have announced that 13 states are going to take part in their Go Open Initiative in order to launch technical learning around open educational resources. The Educational Secretary, John King in an attempt to sell the open educational resources during a House Education and Workforce Committee, said that the states are going to abandon their textbooks in order to welcome technical and instructional way of learning. The said initiative referred to as GO Open was initially launched in the month of October when the attempt was not that much of success since the majority of districts never wished to participate. The states which have agreed to to take part in the said mission this time include Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. They will adopt Blanket Technology strategy. This will help the teachers to customize the study materials according to the need of the students and develop a repository solution for the openly licensed resources. “States are powerful collaborators in supporting and scaling innovation,” said Joseph South, the director of the office of Educational Technology.

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The strategy will enhance equality and democracy in education. Education will be globalised. More and more students will be able to view, use and share the contents they get as a part of learning through digital education. The LTI app will be introduced by Microsoft that will help both the learners and the students to access OER from within different learning management systems(LMS) and published platforms.

Instruct The Teachers To Use Technology in Learning?

More and more educators and the teachers should be taught the effective use of technology in learning so that they can impart education efficiently besides training them with new and updated tools. Though there have been innumerable education apps, laptops and lesson plans, a large number of teachers are still taking the help of traditional classroom training leaving a few. Therefore, keeping in mind the adversity of the situation, the private groups have instructed the teachers to use technology in education.

“There’s a real hunger out there about how do I get better at my craft? But there aren’t clear mechanisms for that to occur in a dependable way,” said Jeff Liberty, the senior director of teacher development initiatives at Better Lesson.

It has been found out that besides being the technologies available in large number and the updated tools ready, many of the educators are still seeking the traditional way. The reasons to which have been claimed to inadequate training.

A recent survey of 2015 says that more than 90 percent of the teachers admit that the use of technology in education is effective source of learning. However, they stay behind due to lack of training. Teachers who spend their time teaching online find ways to learn new tools, surf educational videos on You Tube as well as can troll Tweeter chats. Right at this point of time a non profit private group have come to being in order to help train the teachers with proper and updated tools to enhance learning. Personnels from different organisations teach the educators with powerpoint tools while some with word and excel.

Overall, what they said is you need to have that passion to succeed and you will be through.

Education Technology To Boost Learning?

As technology have modernised, more have been the growth of the learners who are tech savvy. They can no longer be kept happy with the shows they watch on television but they want to interact with new apps and videos online. Have you noticed your child more interested in  video games than to watch the same that aries on television? Here’s where technology has worked.

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The childhood educational resource Story bots, founded in 2012 have launched enough personalised content for children between ages 3-8. The app uses the child’s photo for customization. Now, in the recent times, more than 1000 teachers use the educational app to train the kids worldwide. The app contains digital library that includes millions of information regarding various subjects of the students interest. Videos, Ebooks and games have eased the way of learning that effects the intelligence of the learners.

Inference Gathered

Instructional technology or online training enhances learning globally. Now days technology is the other name for global learning. Everywhere we look at is an effect of technology. The teachers will be taught the use of the new and upcoming software so that they can use them to impart education effectively. Students who are professionals can learn with ease with the effects of technical learning. Most of the colleges and schools these days take the help of Instructional training which simplifies the process of learning. The students as well as the educators both can be benefitted by the way of education since the online learning and training includes interactive way to teach. Online education has reached to a new level once the technologies have stepped ahead. Long ago the schools and colleges had taken initiative to instill online form of learning in the brick and motor structures. They mainly called it blended learning. With the advancement in technologies, M-learning facilities, colleges have taken recourse to MOOCs, a massive open online course, to deliver training and open path for degree courses.

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How Technology Helps In Improving Education?

Today we are living in an age, that can be addressed as the golden era of human civilization as the midus touch of technology has refined almost every aspect of our social-economical and personal life. The field of education can be addressed as the quintessential technology-oriented domain, where new tech- revelations are taking place in every second. Technological innovations in learning has begun to replace traditional mode of education.

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Bringing Midus Touch Of Technology Into Education

In the last few years, the education process and methodology has improved significantly with the introduction of advanced educational technology. According to CB Insights, Edtech funding has taken a leap to 55% within the time span of 2014-15, that too without showing any indication of slowing down.

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Although initially educational experts, teachers and even parents were apprehensive about the use of technology in education, several educators have now come to believe that it is necessary to improve education by utilising latest technological tools.

However, with further technological advancements, more and more colleges and universities have started embracing technology to create a better environment and provide an enhanced learning experience to their students. Though there are couple of challenges, posed by technology, they were outnumbered by the benefits it offered. Now education has reached the next level and the entire system has transformed completely with the help of constantly progressing technology.

Does Technology Make Education Any Better?

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Technology has allowed schools and educators to keep pace with the new generation of learners who more technology-inclined than the previous generation. Education and technology are undoubtedly a great combination as it makes learning more engaging, accessible and affordable and expands the reach of education to students who cannot attend classrooms due to various challenges.

If you ask me, I believe that technology certainly improves education by bettering the way we teach and learn. As our society is gradually changing, I think it has become imperative that we revolutionise education to better student accomplishment.

A report from Global Industry Analysts(GIA) has confirmed that, the global market of e-learning has already reached $107 billion in 2015 & driven by further advancements in edtech tools, it is estimated that, in 2016, tech trends in education will set a new standard.

Tech Trends That Will Alter The Face Of Education

With the end of 2015, it is the time to look at the possible education technology trends for the new year. With technology constantly evolving, the technology available to improve education will continue to grow.

Online Corporate Learning – A Growing Momentum

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As reckoned by GIA’s $107B, Corporate eLearning will be making new avenues, increasing the market about 13% until 2017. As one of the pivotal reasons of this distinct raise is, the number of companies & organisations, which are gradually adopting & cherishing the importance of enhancing their employees’ knowledge, is increasing. The newly evolved corporate eLearning, providing with a flexible & cost-effective way of knowledge, does allow employees to undergo a 24/7 customized training at any level on any device.

But the question, that can be raised here, is, what has caused corporate eLearning to get a jolt in 2016? Today every company needs a off-the-shelf training content. Whether it be IT training, project management, supervisory skills, or industry compliance programs, organizations need to deliver these programs to employees on a regular basis & here counts the success of online training in corporate sector.

Skill Measurement – Measurs & Tracks Student Learning

Building a steady momentum in learning is not enough. It is quite imperative to observe & assess progress in competency-based learning. When A customization education is provided, it becomes crucial to ensure that modular learning experiences are cohesively blended together & to do so efficient ways to measure and track student learning are so required that smooth interchanges between each learning experience can be guaranteed.

Alternative Learning Styles – Offering Learners More Interactive Experiences

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There was a time, when education was restricted to an age old syllebus, tought in a chalk and talk method. But time has changed now. With the graduation of social, economical & professional scenario, the education has evolved too. Today getting educated has emerged into something immensely innovative and prudent, providing with the scope for students to get acquainted with new ideas and face new challenges.

While text-based or video-based tutorials are evolving into new shapes, various distinguished alternative learning styles will start & keep emerging in 2016 & thereafter as well. These learnings methods will not only enhance students’ learning experiences, but they are showing hopes to offer learners more interactive experiences like writing code directly in the browser, or completing online challenges as part of the learning process.

Online Competency-Based Training – A Revolutionary Approach Towards Education

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While both competency based training & online learning are crucial in their respective arena, the juxtaposition of these two is espected to open new avenues in education. If we follow Michelle R. Weise and Clayton M. Christensen, we would come to comprehend that online competency-based training possesses “great disruptive potential” as it integrates right learning models, as well as right technologies, customers, and business models are also included to consider.

Weise and Christensen further explain that online competency-based training providers, “can cost-effectively combine modules of learning into pathways that are agile and adaptable to the changing labor market.”

To Conclude

It is true that, there are some opinions still exist today that are falling far behind,keeping up with the drastic changes, brought on by technology. However, technology has not only enabled the wider reach of education, but also explored a better quality of learning process. Technology has made the whole process of learning and teaching so easy and accessible for everyone, that we can achieve the goal of education for everyone in near future.

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Explore New Avenues Of Career Prospect With Online Courses

Students across the countries are taking online course programmes to boost their career. Since, at Distance learning indulging to study activities are more simple and easy, hence professionals and the students are taking e-learning. Taking online programmes like Business and Management courses are very convenient.

Online Learning
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As the demand for online education is growing many new courses are popping up. A learner has more option to select ranging from finance, leadership, product design and development etc. However, I would strictly recommend you to check all the details with regard to the online course programme. Before taking one, verify the institute and whether the course is accredited. Apart from the advanced learning, there are also free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from where you can engage to online learning.

Why Online Courses Are Growing?


Digital learning
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I would take an example of many management students who take online business and management courses for the advancement of their career. But why? It’s because online programmes are beneficial from the students perspective. At distance learning, students have the advantage to select the study time. Moreover, the learner can also choose his favourable place of study. The resilient online education has enabled the students to up-skill their know-how in easy and simple manner. Unlike the traditional education online learning courses are low cost. At many educational institutes, students can pay the course fee in easy monthly instalments. Also, the demand for online education has forced institutes to deliver the quality accredited education and study materials.

Online Courses Effective For Up-Skill

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Mark, an executive in a company, dreams big. He wants to improve his living standard. Moreover, he has a robust desire to obtain the key management position in the organisation. He has undergone Online business and management courses and has already enroled. He says, “I’ve taken an online course to gain key skills of management to make to the highest role.” Like Mark, many other are taking distance learning programmes enhance their skill for the career.

Comprehensive Learning With Focus On Future


Demand for online education has grown tremendously past several years. Keeping the learner choice in mind, educational institutions have greatly focused on distance learning. The quality of distance learning has improved. New and progressive teaching techniques have been adapted to suit the learner. To favour the students, advanced technology has been devised, this includes learning apps and video content etc.

These educational institutes cater learning with a definite purpose i.e “Career Advancement.” Let me take an example of business and management courses offered online. The courses are comprehensive and contain key aspects of business management which aims to enhance the management skill in an individual.

Step To The World Web Education

In the competitive world finding the desired job is not easy. Like a management professional who prefer to take online business and management courses, professionals working in the different industry also can take online courses that will help them to accelerate. The demand for the skilled labour will grow. Hence, it’s important that students and professionals up-skill their knowledge. Online course programmes could be effective in meeting the skill workforce demand as thousands of students are taking distance education.

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The 3 Education Experts’ Opinions About College Fees And Student Loans

The significant rise of the cost for education is hindering it. Many of the students with little financial capability are facing the problem to a large extent. It not only acts as an impediment to education but also becomes responsible for the huge rise in the expenditure which is becoming one of the main reasons for the worrying of their parents. Reducing cost can be possible through online education and many other strategies. Let’s look at what the 3 experts of education have to say about this:

online education

1. Anya Kamenetz, NPR’s lead education blogger and author of DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education and The Test

Improvement Of College Pricing

It is the decision of the federal government to have a profitable quality from the colleges through rapid employment for the for-profit institutions and the career colleges. The government suggests that the colleges where the exceeding number of the graduates cannot repay their student loans should be forced out from the federal student aid program. In this way the competition will still be there without forcing the colleges to announce a fixed price or without crippling there bargain.

College Payment

The student loans perform a major role in the tuition fees of the colleges. Its availability is the reason of the unequal varying of the tuition fees of the colleges. In order to make the tuition fees moderate, loans are needed to be cancelled often as the bankruptcy in the loans drives the lenders towards being more careful. The students should also be careful about the high amount of money demanded by the institutions.

Cost Effective Education

Cost Of Education

Ways are there though for the students to get cost-effective education as well as the privileges of it. Both of these are offered by private education as it increases the number of the various features of a traditional degree program. The convenient part for students is that it is offered through the virtual medium.

For example, Southern New Hampshire University and the College for America have introduced online education, the features of which is cost-effective and skill-based education. Employees are even provided the advantage of being enrolled through their employers. Some students suffer a large amount of expenditure when they transfer and online education assists them in reducing the amount to an affordable standard irrespective of their transfer.

2. Anthony P. Carnevale, director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce

Look Before You Leap

Possessing knowledge on taking loans and its outcomes are vital for the students. Although it becomes the government’s task to ensure that a student must not be troubled with paying the student loans, the student himself/ herself have to investigate on it thoroughly even before beginning to think about it.

Apply Technology And Get Something Better

Higher Education

Higher education should be of less cost as the number of the seekers of higher education are exceeding in America. The question is how to deliver cost-effective but a healthy education to them?

The answer is that it can be done through technology as many of its instances proved to provide help to the students when they had needed it the most. Each and every student can access quality education as well as the guidance of the most efficient faculty, no matter where they are, with the help of science.

Who’s Benefited?

What about the students who are prepared less or who does not have the financial capability to go into the traditional colleges? Will they get quality education within the limited economy of them? Online education again says a ‘yes’ to them as it trains them to heighten their capacity of learning and makes them prepared.

3. Lauren Asher, President of the Institute for College Access and Success

The Condition Of The Recent System


It is a wrong notion that the students with limited economical capacity are getting access to the traditional education through the student grants. The cost shifted largely to high amounts and the students going to traditional colleges are actually left with no options but to pay the already risen loans at a large rate.

Improve Pricing

Pricing can be improved if the colleges do not declare the rate of the debts. Even they cannot provide students the financial aid award letters which is responsible to represent the full cost of attendance.

Easy Payment For The Students

Safe Payment

The consumers taking private loans will be more insecure than the consumers taking federal loans as the latter provides the opportunity of repayment. It effectively reduces the matter of debt. The students’ benefit from the federal loan will be the most if it can be mandated before taking private loan; can ensure the students’ enrolment and can confirm the total amount being covered and the institutions’ information of any untapped eligibility of the aid.

Search To Save

It becomes evident that the cost-effectiveness is not possible without the correct implementation of the strategies discussed above. The students need to find out the matter of student loans by investigating as well as doing the same for the tuition fees of the institutions. The online education also presents them a healthy mode of education that they need it the most now. Education can be got in a less cost if the students not only want so but also look for it.

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How Does An Online Postgraduate Study Assists The Students In The Professional Fields?

What do the employers of the business management fields want? They want the technical representation of one’s applicable skills in the area of profession which enables an employee to solidify his/ her position and also assists the employers to get their needed expectations. For fulfilling all of these aspects you, obviously, need a postgraduate degree for your own sake.

Postgraduate degree

A postgraduate degree offers you the additional factors which will add more strength to your resume as well as providing you the idea by which you will be operating in your professional life.So, a postgraduate degree only has extra points added to it and it will be more convenient for you to follow if you get to study one.

So, what do you get from an online postgraduate degree? Let’s have a look:

Education persists

Postgraduate Degree

You obviously follow an online postgraduate diploma because you sincerely want to follow your studies as well as adding an extra strength to your resume. It will offer you a set of innovative skills to perform better in your professional life. A postgraduate course will definitely assist you if you want to stick to academic professions as further studying in the related subject is required from the candidates.

The employers demand

As it is mentioned earlier, the employers require their employees to be professionally strong. They want the employees to utilise their skills in the desired area. For fulfilling such need of the employers, an online postgraduate diploma in business management can help you a lot.

Different direction

A postgraduate study also allows you to study a different subject if you may choose to do so. It requires your determination to take up such a postgraduate degree .You also need to represent your performance in at least two different modes. Your decision plays an important role in it.

Career starts

Professional Career

Your career, at the beginning, may require the tactful highlighting of your professional skills. Some employers do expect you to perform showing your applicable skills to them. This strengthens your professional career at its inaugural step. Having an online postgraduate diploma helps you to have a better grasp on your professional career at the beginning.

Your decision counts

You have to be firmly determined in order to follow a postgraduate study. Your confidence will allow you to get the benefit of studying. Some of the candidates want to follow a job before taking up such a form of education because it will permit them to have some work experience and this experience, when added to an online postgraduate diploma in business management, will aim to provide an extra strength to the candidate’s profession securing him in his professional life more than usual.

A productive profession

If you have already decided to go for the online postgraduate course, then why are you waiting? When it allows you to get the required performing elements as well as add up to your educational qualification, then you should take full advantage of it. There will be various paths leading to a lot of possibilities if you take the simple step to the single initial path of taking up the online postgraduate course.

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How Modern Trends In Online Education Improves The Way Of Learning?

Technology and education – the combination of which is a wonderful aspect of the present day society that not only is the innovative side of technology but also is a new way of education. Education has reached another dimension with the help of technology and the effects are also perceived by us in the rapid rise and increase of education in the technical way.

Education technology
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But molding education technically requires financial resources. The educational organisation, although facing a lot of difficulties because of pressurization, is trying its best to invest in order to digitize itself. According to the CB Insights, the investments of ed-tech has jumped to 55% and is not, still, slowing down. A GIA(Global Industry Analysts) report says that the international e-learning market will reach $107 million in 2015 because of the global demand for e-based learning.

So, what are the trends in the education technology in 2015? What are the latest aspects of it. Come on, let’s have a look:

Online learning: Customize learning

It is a very prominent thing that the mode of online learning supports the style of customized learning in a very effective way. Companies are realizing the effectiveness of such learning as it makes their employee learn in a mind-engaging; satisfying and convenient way which is possible by its mode of customization. Added to it, the mode of customized learning also helps the learner to focus on studying in their personal ways. It increases their pace of learning with providing 24 hours learning support and a vast range of data.

Skill-centered educational services

An advantageous fact of online learning is its focus on the skills of the learners. It focuses on the overall improvement of skills through assessment of their performance and identifying the areas of improvement. This is such an efficient way that all the learners get equally benefited and are also elevated to perfection as that is the goal which this mode of education attempts to reach.

Alternative learning styles

Video Learning

This is another innovative characteristic of the online mode of learning. The students need not be dependent on the traditional book-based or video-based learning. In this way students are tested by various interactive experiences like online challenges or directly writing the codes in the browsers. This is included as a part of their studies.

Competency-based training

In this way, the form of learning gets almost different from the traditional way of learning. Learning is broken down not by the contents or subject-matters but by competencies. It enables the learners to a systematic learning through personalisation; learning outcomes etc. In this way the students are more exposed to various scopes for jobs. The employers responsible for creating the network for the students for getting such opportunities are also given importance.

Michelle R. Weise and Clayton M. Christensen rightly comments that online competency-based training “can cost-effectively combine modules of learning into pathways that are agile and adaptable to the changing labor market.”

Flipped-tech learning

Flipped classroom

This is an interactive system of online learning where students are allowed to learn from video- lectures outside the classrooms. The students can learn contents from these lectures and can complete their homework with the help of the contents. The students also get engaged in both inside and outside the classrooms which provides them great scopes to access a vast range of content. Information Week identifies flipped learning mode as one of the key ed-tech trends in 2015.

The aim of digitalised education is education’s enrichment

We have already understood how technology is benefiting education to fulfill the latter’s goal. But it does not mean that such improvement will chiefly concentrate on the technological improvement and, if it does, then it will surely be an error imposed on education. Education should not be treated that way. So, we have to keep in mind that the usage of technology only aims to enrich and facilitate education and if we take it as way of developing science and technology then this kind of thought of us should immediately be cancelled otherwise we will not obtain better education.

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